FitFlop Settlement Website

If You Bought FitFlop Footwear You Could Get Money from a Class Action Settlement

     A Settlement has been entered into by and among the Plaintiffs on behalf of themselves and the class and FitFlop Limited.  FitFlop has agreed to pay a maximum amount of $400,000 for payment of all notice costs, fees awarded to class counsel, honorarium awards, claims administration fees and Expenses and valid claims. FitFlop has also agreed to the terms of the injunctive relief in the Settlement Agreement with respect to its advertising, labelling, and promotional materials. FitFlop has denied vigorously, and continues to deny, each and every allegation of liability and wrongdoing, and asserts that it has substantial factual and legal defenses to all the claims alleged and that such claims are without merit.  FitFlop has concluded that further conduct of the class action litigation would be protracted and expensive, and that it is desirable that this litigation be fully and finally settled in the manner and upon the terms and conditions set out in the Settlement Agreement. 

Important Dates

Claims Filing Deadline: November 22, 2016

Opt-Out Deadline: 45 days following Approval Order

Objection Deadline: August 14, 2016

Final Approval Hearing: August 24, 2016